Saturday, January 08, 2005

Icons of ID: (Peppered moth) Majerus commenting on Wells

Majerus, one of the foremost experts on the peppered moth has given a Darwin Lecture, 'The Peppered Moth: Decline of a Darwinian Disciple', to the British Humanist Society on 12 February 2004
Hooper’s book, Of Moths and Men is so littered with errors, misrepresentations, misinterpretations and falsehoods that it is impossible to innumerate them all here. The writings of Wells and some of the other critics of the peppered moth story are similarly plagued. However, they cannot be simply dismissed, as many of the readers of these critics are not armed with the knowledge of evolutionary biology, genetics and ecological entomology necessary to perceive the errors and manipulations within these works. Their writings are lively and readable, and their arguments can be persuasive to those with limited or no training in evolutionary genetics or entomology. Furthermore, few of their readers will have the time to refer to original and review papers on the peppered moth written by those who have worked with the peppered moth, to judge the veracity of the words of people such as Hooper and Wells.
Source: The Peppered moth: decline of a Darwinian disciple

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